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"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them."

Matthew 18:20




Your Faith-kit

Thriving during a pandemic


Have Meaningful Worship Online

In-person activities might not be back to normal, but worship hasn't stopped. Keeping yourself grounded in your faith and focused on the blessings in life is just as important as it has always been. That's why we're offering two weekly worship services throughout the pandemic - Sunday at 10am and Wednesday at 6pm right HERE. We know that worshiping online is different, so here are a few tips to make it more meaningful to you.

  1. Get out of bed and get dressed. You're welcome no matter what, but physically getting ready for worship helps mark the time as sacred.

  2. Be fully present. Multitasking will take away from your worship experience. We know it's harder to be present when text messages and email notifications pop up on your screen, so we recommend pausing notifications or silencing your phone just like you would do during in-person worship.

  3. Engage in worship. Sing and share your prayers out loud. It might seem silly to do that at home when others can't hear you, but think about it this way... you truly can make a joyful noise to God and no one will know if you are singing off-tune!

  4. Connect with others. If you're engaging in worship through Social Media, use the "like" and "heart" buttons, make comments, and let others know you are right there with them.

  5. Use the largest screen possible. Make the window full-screen whenever you can. If you have a Smart TV, link to worship through the Facebook app. It will make worship feel more immersive and minimize distractions.



This congregation has always prioritized fellowship and not even a pandemic will change that. Social distancing can be isolating, but we want you to know that you are not alone. Not only is God always here, but so is your church family.

  1. Phone

    • "Lead Connectors" are available to make calls to you. If you aren't currently receiving calls from one of our Lead Connectors and would like to, please call or email Pastor Gretchen.

  2. Video Conferencing

    • Small groups are held throughout the week. See the church calendar for upcoming events and links to join.

  3. Mail

    • Notes and letters are still a great way to keep in touch! If you have a note you would like to share, mail or email it to the church and we will share it in the weekly e-blasts or the printed monthly newsletter.



For Kids & Teens

  1. Daily devotional with Carly Retterath & baby Lauren on Facebook.

  2. Virtual field trips of God's creation to places like the San Diego Zoo and even Mars!

  3. Digitally travel halfway across the world and visit Famous Museums.
  4. a devotional designed for teens.
  5. Devozine a faith resource designed for teens by teens.

For Parents

  1. A guide for talking with your kids about COVID-19.

  2. Free weekly faith formation resources for your family sent every Friday to your inbox from Illustrated Ministry.

  3. Activity ideas from our summer camp, Camp of the Cross.

For Everyone

  1. Tips for handling your anxiety and stress from Lutheran Social Services ND.

  2. The Bible Project weekly guide for continuing your faith formation at home.

  3. Articles from the Upper Room Devotional are available online or you can contact the church office to have a hard copy sent to you.

  4. UCC Daily Devotional delivered to your inbox or available online.

  5. ND Department of Health resources on COVID-19.

  6. ND Response resources on COVID-19.

  7. Call, text, email, or video conference with Pastor Gretchen. Despite the suspension of in-person activities, Pastor Gretchen's schedule remains the same with Friday being her day off.

  8. The church office is still open M-F from 9am-1pm. Let us know how we can be of further support to you!


Serve and Support

We'll be honest with you - all of this is a leap of faith for us. Before covid-19, almost all of our donations were received through the offering plate on Sunday morning. We don't know how long we will be able to weather this storm without your continued support. However, we promise to put every dollar we have and that we receive towards strengthening your faith and community to come out healthier on the other side of this. We hope you will join us in this endeavor. Together we can be a transformative and thriving community.

How to donate in a pandemic?

  1. Cultivate generosity. Pandemics create an atmosphere of fear and when we make fear-based decisions, we convince ourselves that there is not enough to go around. God offers us a different story - that being generous is the actual cure in times of scarcity.

  2. Use online bill pay. If you do online banking, you probably already use online bill pay. You can use those same tools to donate to your church.

  3. Donate online. We have partnered with Paypal to make it easy for you to give online in a safe and secure way.

  4. Mail checks to the church. The post office is still a great way to get a donation to us.

  5. Sponsor a Sunday. Even though we are now online, it still costs about $500 to host Sunday's worship services. Help us continue to offer these services by sponsoring a Sunday. Call or email Pastor Gretchen to choose a date. Sponsorships can be done in honor or memory of a loved one, birthday, anniversary, business, or other reason.

The second part of cultivating generosity is SERVICE.  There are many ways to be of service to one another from the safety and comfort of home.

  1. Make masks. Our community has a shortage of medical supplies. If you can sew, you can help provide basic protection for the staff at Charles Hall Youth Services and other group homes and care providers. Instructional video.

  2. Join a worship team. Record yourself singing a song, playing an instrument, offering the passing of the peace, or reading scripture for a Sunday worship service.

  3. Host Fellowship. Become an online fellowship or game night host. Contact the church office with interest.

  4. Be a Lead Connector. Help keep people connected and drive away isolation by making weekly or bi-weekly phone calls.

Get involved in any of these service opportunities on our Volunteer page.


Grow in Love & Generosity

Service Opportunities





This pantry provides short-term, emergency food & supplies for people in need, no questions asked.  Be it food for the kids or cereal for breakfast, we have cupboards with food for anyone in need.

Pick-up Hours:  M-F 9am -1pm

Call ahead to pick-up or donate.


Maah Daah Hey Clean-Up in June 2019. Last summer we cared for God's creation and deepened our faith.

POSTPONED - Ecuador in 2020. Predominantly rebuilding and renovation work. This will be our second trip to Ecuador with the UCC Northern Plains Conference.


This quilting and knitting guild makes items for infants, youth, and adults in need of a warm blanket and the reminder that their lives matter. They also love to teach new crafters.

Currently sewing masks for care providers during the pandemic.


As a Global Missions congregation, our partnership with Timor-Leste is a part of our identity. For over 10 years we have been sponsoring a rural school and missionaries in Timor-Leste. Check out the blog of our missionaries, Tom and Monica Liddle.



Since its inception, the United Church of Christ has been partnering with Charles Hall Youth Services to support at-risk and troubled youth through their teen years. There are always opportunities to serve as mentors, behind-the-scenes volunteers, and financial sponsors.


Let us know if you see place where you would like to serve, have another idea in mind, or if you're not sure what you're passionate about and where your gifts might match the needs of our local community. We're here to help you grow in service and generosity!


Bismarck UCC started in 1954 with the primary commitment to live out our faith in the community and world in ways that bear faithful witness to God’s love in Christ.

Sunday Worship at 10am.

Wednesday Worship at 6pm.

Events throughout the week.


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